The Other Population Occupied Since 1967

Ferguson, Missouri. August 11, 2014. Source: Associated Press

The Palestinians aren't the only people who have been militarily occupied since 1967.

"It is no accident that virtually every single case of black rebellion in the cities in the summer of '67 was precipitated by police brutality: by beating up a Negro cab driver in Newark, by raiding and beating up an after- hours drinking club in Detroit. It is also no accident that, despite all the press hysteria about sniping and looting, the greatest bulk of the crime committed during the riots was by the enforcement-thugs of the State: the police, the National Guard, the federal troops. Almost all the killings were of Negroes by the police and troops; in fact, the behaviour of these enforcers was clearly reminiscent of the behaviour of U.S. imperial troops in Vietnam, or, in fact, of military occupiers anywhere in their continuing, permanent war against the native colored population. Thus, if a sniper fired from a building, the characteristic response of our police-Guard- army "protectors" was to spray fire into the entire building, heedless of the destruction and the casualties that would have to follow. One of the great lessons of the summer rebellions which we all should absorb is that the black population of the United States is a colonized and subject people." - Murray Rothbard, 1967

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