"Democrat" and "Republican" should be just as much a byword for evil as "Nazi"

The Democratic Party should go down in history as the organization of the butchers of Asia, the mass murderers who incinerated Japanese cities, and launched the bloodbaths of the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

The Republican Party should go down in history as the organization of the butchers of the Muslim world, the mass murderers who launched the bloodbaths of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and brought chaos to that entire swath of the globe.

Never mind the question of voting and elections; in a sane and just world, mere *membership* in the two major American parties would be considered as shameful as membership in the Nazi Party. 

Advance to Barbarism

"Americans like to think of themselves as a progressive people living in a progressive age. And yet the twentieth century – whatever its marvels – has been above all the century of total war. Despite the fact that technological advance has made total war increasingly absurd and grotesque in an era of nuclear warfare; despite the progress of preceding centuries in civilizing and limiting warfare, and in keeping civilians out of harm's way; war to the death has returned in full flower. Herbert Spencer brilliantly realized that the advance of mankind from barbarism to civilization could be summed up as a shift from "military" to "industrial" society. Yet, in the twentieth century, we have starkly reverted to the military way; in so doing, we have repudiated the very humanism, the very principles of peace and freedom, upon which a modern industrial system ineluctably rests. This has truly been, in the words of Harry Elmer Barnes' friend and revisionist colleague, F. J. P. Veale, an "advance to barbarism.""

- Murray N. Rothbard

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